A Bit About Me

I grew up in Montreal, which is my template for a great city. I left to study at university, first pursuing an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, then a master's degree in architecture. Buildings and cities are my true love, my passion – they form my conceptual framework for seeing the world.

As a Professor of Architecture, I’ve taught architecture students how to make buildings stand up by first teaching them how to make them fall down. Along the way, I discovered that there was the seed of a meaningful story to be found amongst the rubble of tragedy. And so, I’ve turned my expertise to the fictional but nefarious use of building collapses as the weapon of choice.

I’m an insatiable reader of suspense in all its forms, and a complete news junkie. When not keeping my two cats off the keyboard and binging on cable news and Netflix, I enjoy exploring this wondrous world. I also try – badly – to keep a garden.