the IMPACT series

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When a mall unexpectedly collapses, killing more than two hundred people, its structural engineer is found dead in his bathtub the night before he’s set to testify at the inquiry. His roommate and best friend, architect Ruby Foster, believes he was murdered and sets out to find answers. Philosophy professor Ian Walker survived the collapse that took both his wife and his mobility and wants to find nothing more than the bottom of a scotch glass. But as the collapse’s sole survivor, Ruby pulls Ian into her quest, and together they discover that they have only two days to stop another disaster.


Ruby Foster’s first experience teaching architecture studio is a disaster – literally. The prototype walkway designed by her students collapses during its unveiling, killing and injuring dozens. When the authorities turn to her for answers, she teams up again with Ian Walker to reveal a revenge plot risen from the ashes of a tragic past.


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Children's Picture Book

Little Elf and the Architect

In the vein of Betsy Red Hoodie (Gail Carson Levine; HarperCollins) and Falling for Rapunzel (Leah Wilcox; Puffin Books), 

Little Elf and the Architect is a retelling of the classic fairytale, The Elves and the Shoemaker, in which a misfit young elf discovers the value of her unique talents when she helps a struggling architect.

Magic fairy forest. A small child watchi